First Journey


I begin my first journey today, April 7, 2016, with my first blog post.

I love to travel, I love all kinds of journeys, and I love to return home with a fuller sense of myself, others, and the world.

Work is a journey every day… Raising kids, raising a husband, raising myself, too.  For me,  life becomes a Full Circle Journey when I become a tourist in my life…  when I relax, breathe, and relish the novelty of every quirk:  That shy nod, the way the he squints as he concentrates, that lanky flower peering over a sea of bushes…  If I can but relish it as a tourist would.

Then…. then resist the urge to distance myself from its aliveness, to freeze it into the stillness of a photo.  The full circle comes from removing the barrier of the camera lens, emotional lens, analytical lens.  Can I admire it from afar, gazing at the goings-on from a balcony perspective, while at the same time stepping into the heart of it, barefoot, bare-armed… both object and subject, witness and witnessed?

The journey begins.

Tourist for Life,  Joanne

Full Definition of full circle

  1. :  through a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation or to a complete reversal of the original position —usually used in the phrase come full circleMisc 047

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